Mention users in comment

(Ivan Gabriel Morén) #21

@goob You’re perfectly right, I too mentioned this earlier but I dunno if you saw it. Mentioning in this way in a limited post also lets you know exactly which people in your aspects that belongs to any of the aspects that the poster posted to. So, if we want to stay cool and keep our fantastic privacy with the aspects, I guess there’s only one solution left. Luckily it isn’t a bad solution at all.

If we look at when people actually use mentioning right now, it is to get someone in the discussion’s attention, not to link to another persons profile. So if we implement the function just like that, like @goob already proposed a long way down the page, there would be no privacy leaks, as you don’t need to have a connection to those people, and no one would be unsure why not all people can be mentioned, hopefully :wink:

Are we BTW ready to create some kind of proposals and start the decision-taking process?

(Flaburgan) #22

If someone has time to look at that, it would be awesome. I often see public posts I want to point to people, mention them would be the perfect solution for that…

(goob) #23

Proposal: Limit mentions in comments to participants

As suggested earlier in the discussion, this proposal is to limit mentions in comments on a post to the other people who have posted a comment on that post and the person who posted the original post.

This keeps it simple, and prevents anyone being mentioned who would not be able to see the comment in which they have been mentioned because they are not in the aspect to which the post has been made.

(For public posts, we could enable mentioning of anyone, but let’s deal with that in a separate proposal.)

Outcome: We will limit mentions in LIMITED posts to people who have participated in the post (by commenting or by liking the post).


  • Yes: 20
  • Abstain: 1
  • No: 8
  • Block: 0

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(goob) #24

@sethmartin, this proposal is about mentioning other people in comments, not in posts. It’s currently not possible to mention people in comments at all. You can of course provide a link to someone’s profile page in a comment using Markdown, but this isn’t ‘@-mentioning’ in terms of Diaspora’s coding, and doesn’t provide that person with a notification. It wouldn’t be affected by this proposal. This proposal relates only to @-mentions.

(Flaburgan) #25

When someone already interacted with a post, he get a notification from it when somone comment. (the notification system has to be fixed to allow that for person not sharing with you, but that’s not about mention). So allow to mention someone who already interacted is useless: he will already receive a notificaton anyway. Imo, mentions are useful to point to someone who didn’t know the post “look, you could be interested about that!”.

For public posts, we could enable mentioning of anyone, but let’s deal with that in a separate proposal.

This is the important point. Let’s allow everybody to be mentionned in the comments of a public post, then, if we want, we could allow mentions in the comment of a limited post, but if the notification system is fixed, it’s kind of useless…

(Steffen van Bergerem) #26

@quentindufour Reshares are public posts. This proposal deals with private posts. Who is “everybody” on private posts? All users? Then you would be able to mention someone who isn’t allowed to see the post and so he shouldn’t get a notification. If thats all users who can see the post then you are able to create a list of those users which would be a privacy issue. Do you have a solution for the privacy issue?

(Quentin Dufour) #27

@steffenvanbergerem Thanks, I didn’t notice that detail. I edited my comment. And I will start to think about that.

(Steffen van Bergerem) #28


Reshares are public posts. This proposal deals with private posts.

(Nick) #29

Hey, I disagree with this - this removes a lot of the reason for having comments - alerting new people to a discussion.

Surely the users you can mention should be limited to those who are part of the post’s aspect? If there’s technical reasons why that’s difficult, fine, but can’t we agree that that’s the ideal case scenario?

ALSO - and this is a serious qualm and makes me think we should rerun the vote - a couple of the comments from people voting ‘aye’ to this decision suggest that they think they are voting yes to having mentions, rather than restricting them (e.g. Is it wrong to say ‘Yes’ to this simply because I have this feature in other social nets?)

(Nick) #30

Also, whilst this is about ‘private’ posts there are lots of cases I can imagine where i would want to post things to various aspects - i.e in an ideal world quite a few people - without making it fully public, but would still want the ability to bring it to the attention of new people (who would still be within those aspects, but didn’t notice it or comment on it straight away).

(Maciek Łoziński) #31
  1. why should we limit possibilities of mentioning in comments, related to posts? in my opinion we should be able to mention everyone we share with, that is able to see commented post.
  2. I don’t see any privacy leaks here - I can mention somebody, so what? I can also paste a link to his profile and I cant’t be stopped from doing this, so if I want to share knowledge of some person’s existence, I’ll do it anyway. The difference is - when I mention somebody, that person is noticed about that. Shouldn’t we then encourage mentions whenever possible?

(goob) #32

@nickdowson, your objection only makes any sense if the original post concerned is yours. If you’re commenting on a limited post made by someone else, it is likely that none of your contacts will be in the aspect belonging to the other person with which the post was shared. And because of Diaspora’s privacy controls, your account on your pod will not know who else is in that other person’s aspects. This private information is not shared.

The only people you are able to know are part of the aspect with which the post has been shared are those who have already commented on it. This proposal therefore actually extends the reach of comment-mentioning beyond what would otherwise be possible. (Of course the actual extent is currently zero, because mentioning in comments is not possible at all.)

(goob) #33

And while you can of course always say ‘Yes, because other social networks have it’, this doesn’t have anything to say about why it would be a good idea to include it in Diaspora…

(Nick) #34

Hey @goob I disagree about your use case - i can think of plenty of cases when a limited post made by someone else might still be relevant to other people to post to.

Also, for the record, ‘yes, because other social networks have it’ wasn’t my argument - I agree that that alone isn’t a good argument. I was quoting ‘Rich Kavanagh’ who voted for this and suggesting he misunderstood the vote (maybe I’ve misunderstood it too).

(goob) #35

@nickdowson there might be plenty of cases in which you would want to mention all sorts of people, but in a limited post started by someone else you wouldn’t be able to, because your account would have no means of finding out who is part of of the poster’s aspects to which they have shared the post. That’s the point.

(Steffen van Bergerem) #36

@goob One could also add users who liked the post. And the author of the post could be able to mention everyone who got the post. But thats all our ‘privacy guidelines’ allow.

(goob) #37

Proposal: Allow mention of any Diaspora user in comments on PUBLIC posts

Propose that there will be no limits on who can be @-mentioned in comments on public posts. (Obviously, normal Diaspora limits apply: that is, each user can only @-mention people who are in their aspects.)

Outcome: We’ll enable @mention of anyone who can be mentioned (ideally contacts and participants) for public posts.


  • Yes: 31
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 1
  • Block: 0

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(Ryuno-Ki) #38

@goob: Please, extend your mindset to not only people, who already commented on a restricted shared post - but also on people, who hit “Like” =)

However, you convinced me with your arguments.

(Steffen van Bergerem) #39

@ryunoki This proposal deals with public posts. The last one was about private posts.

(goob) #40

And although I didn’t specify people who like a post in the proposal about limited posts, it did read ‘limit mentions to participants’, which would (or at least could) include people who had liked the post.