Mention users in comment

(Sean Tilley) #41

I’d be happy to vote yes on this, with the single provision that if a user is blocking you, you can’t mention them. We should ensure that a public mention function doesn’t allow for spamming or harassment.

(goob) #42

I think that’s probably a separate issue, Sean. It would be part of extending ignoring to prevent that users from commenting on your posts, etc. I agree with your point, but think it would probably be best implemented through the ignore function rather than the mention function, if you see what I mean.

([deactivated account]) #43

@karthikeyanak i think the mention should be removed, when you don’t want be selected.

(Karthikeyan A K) #44

I would like to go in @seantilleycommunit way. If I don’t know some one, that one should not be able to tag me.

(Adrenalin) #45

As @steffenvanbergerem says contacts + participants would be nice

(goob) #46

@flaburgan, out of interest, why do you suggest that it is a good idea to be able to mention any user known to the pod in a comment, when you can’t do this in a post? I don’t quite see why this would be a different case.

(Flaburgan) #47

Well, I also don’t get why we limit that in a post :stuck_out_tongue:

(Steffen van Bergerem) #48

@flaburgan I don’t know what the impact on the browser would be when searching someone in a list of a million (or more) users. Could be worth to find out. Perhaps typeahead.js could help.

(Jason Robinson) #49

+1 for allowing tagging of any publicly searchable person known to the pod. I mean you CAN already do it. You just have to 1) search for the person, 2) start sharing with person 3) mention person.

Since it CAN already be done, why not let users actually do it in a sane way.

Should be quite possible to do with something like typeahead and a well optimized search call to the backend.

(Paul Greindl) #50

agree with @starblessed. I guess making it an option in the settings will satisfy everyone…?

(Flaburgan) #51

@jasonrobinson I guess we should discuss on a different topic if we should be able (or not) to mention people without having to share with them. That’s maybe a different point.

([deactivated account]) #52

Sorry if this has already been “mentioned” (see what I did there?) but will an @mention in a comment also appear as a notification to the mention-ee? (as per a normal @mention)

(goob) #53

That’s the idea.

(goob) #54

(You can already post a link to someone’s profile, but without a notification to that person, it is one-sided and not useful to them.)

(Christian Giménez) #55

Yay! When this will be implemented?

This will be awesome! :slight_smile:

(goob) #56

When this will be implemented?

When someone volunteers to work on it… :wink:

(Globulle) #57

11 months later, what are the news? I haven’t seen anything like that on Github… Have I missed something?

(Augier) #58

Ok, let me reopen the discussion. After #6537 is merged, I’ll start working on the mentionning feature in comments. This will happen in two steps:

  1. mentionning people allowed in public posts only; the user writing a comment will be allowed to mention people from its own contacts list and from the list of participants,

  2. mentionning people in limited post. This will be a bit trickier but my solution is to open a route for every post that will be the prefetch url for bloohound. For instance /posts/:id/:user_handle/contacts.json. The list will be composed of the contacts of the post author able to see it and also being a part the contacts of the comments author and the participant to the post.

For instance, A writes a post and B commented it. C will be able to mention B because B commented and mention D if D is in C’s contacts list and also in one of the aspects allowed to see the post.

(Jonne Haß) #59

A remote pod doesn’t and shouldn’t know the contact list of A.

(Jason Robinson) #60

I’d say just do it for public posts only, allowing mentioning 1) own contacts and 2) participants in known to this pod in the post. That is what was voted on too.