Message of the Day / Announcements for Pods

Hi there, related to this pull request, i wanna bring a message of the day feature to discussion.
It would be very useful for podmins for announcing maintenances for example.

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I think it would make sense to publish admin announcements as notifications.

I dislike all forms of “notifications”, as I see them as spammy. I vote no.

I like the idea. Just struck me a few days ago. Podmin notifications as posts might not be seen by everyone.

An extra area where podmins can write additional warning notifications (e.g. “Server down from … to …”) in a red box for visibility would be very helpful, imo.


I think this is a good idea, but the left-hand column is starting to get a little crowded. If we put in a motd, I think we should figure out a way to shrink the rest of the stuff that’s already in there. Maybe some expanding menus or something?

It could make sense to group up

My Activity

One problem I had in the beginning was that I didn’t understand that it was only for looking up notifications. I thought, clicking on “My Aspects” would bring me to an overview of my aspects. Clicking onto it, then clicking on an Aspect (e.g. Friends), I thought would bring me to an overview of that aspect’s people in it.

It would require a grouping name though (ideally one that removes the confusion of what these items are for): The word “Filter” does not seem to be good, as filters generally are applied or not applied. “Selector”? Also sounds a bit off.

Then, this group could simply “auto-collapse” when scrolling down, and “re-expand” on scrolling up. Exactly like this one: .

So, I guess there are options like:

  1. Group up
  2. Collapse, Re-expand on scrolling down and up, respectively
  3. … ?