Minds.com Integration. Planned?

I’ve seen minds.com and it looks like a promising ‘friend’ we can have a good co-operative competition with. But, I digress as that is an altogether different issue.

Does it have a good RoI in terms of dev-time to incorporate “Minds Integration” in diaspora, the way we have “Facebook Integration” and “Twitter Integration” built in?

I think that it wouldn’t be a good idea. First; because there are more social networks that shares the spirit of d* to make the crossposting possible (gnusocial, mastodon, pump.io, for example) and they deserve to have a crossposting from d* and second, because there are several developments to do (as finishing d* api)

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@astheroth You are right about other SNs like mastodon etc. I chose one name just for the sake of simplicity.

My question is specifically about the Cost-Benefit ratio of implementing it.

Thinking to myself
Maybe, I should stop posting these request for ideas on ‘obvious’ required features, and get to work and do some coding to make D* better.

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The first question is, does minds allow that? Which lead to two questions: is it technically feasible (does it an an API?), and is it legally authorize (some platforms allow sharing on it only from the official ways they pick).

@rinfinityplus if you can check those questions first, it would be very nice.

Then if the answers are yes, the suggestion can be discussed. My personal opinion is, to maintain connection with an external service often is a nightmare. Facebook is constantly changing their API and their policy and I’m honestly wondering if the connection with them will be kept. So as far as I can tell, it would not be a good idea to invest the limited time volunteers have on diaspora* on this suggestion. That being said, if someone wants to open a PR which adds that feature and maintain it in the coming years (= provide patches in case the minds API change), he / she’s welcome to do so and I don’t think his / her work would be rejected, as it is not controversial in my opinion.

That, would be really awesome, my friend.


Looks to me like Minds.com is just another centralized capitalist trick - there doesn’t seem to be any link to download the software, and its based on the premise of “get paid in crypto for your contributions” so perhaps, like other marketplaces, minds.com are taking a cut out of those crypto payments.

For me, diaspora* is the way forward, though there are issues which need addressing - the first of which is user-freindliness, and ease of front-end customization. Based on the little UX testing I have done, the Diaspora* branding is confusing for would-be members of local pods, and it would be better if there was something with which people could identify.

What we (as developers) often forget is that not everyone is as internet-literate/tech-savvy as us, and having to do a little research rather than just clicking through to the 'soc is a bit much for those accustomed to the likes of Facebook.

Just my 2 cent’s worth…

I’m hosting a pod at https://brighton.social and I intend to fully customise the layout so that our target audience/community can more easily identify with us.

I have noticed that many of the pods so far who are running Diaspora* have pretty much stock front-ends, which isnt very attractive for a first time user.

What do you think?



I too had the suspicion as they’d not made the SC link available on the site. After reading your comment i shot them an email and a few msgs on minds to orovide the link.

finally, i used a search engine to find this: https://github.com/Minds

That’s understandable. I mean on both sides. Devs are busy doing the hard lifting. Users need simplicity. Its all a matter of time when we’ll be able to get this smoothen out.

That’ll be great!

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