Most wanted list ('in'official)

To be able to edit posts…
Most times it’s because I’ve left off tags, mostly the edits occur in the first 5-10 minutes (cool down period). Perhaps if editing posts is too much to code then holding off on federation beyond the pod might provide a time window for last minute edits.

Change post aspect…
As per above within the ‘cool down period’.

That’s not a total solution but it would cover 90% of my usual need to edit.

Overlay the new post…
Why would I want to lose my place in a list to post on something I spotted?

Surely, a bit of jQuery et la code could pull that data into an overlay with a button right of ‘mail’. Can always fall back to the list.

That could generate a preview using oEmbed but since the page doesn’t need to be refreshed the user doesn’t see the post without the oEmbed as you do now.

What I currently see when I post is text, link, pic… no oEmbed until a forced page refresh. That’s something that would need to be explained to all new users. Why not just remove the issue. You hit activity to see what you have posted.

There can always be a vanity checkbox ‘see what I just posted’.

Formatting bar needs to float
Scrolling up to the text field formatting bar not so good.

These would be the 2 items I’d pick as issues for new users.

Like the project a lot. Just these two user issues of not bring perfect enough to not notice an error in a post and now understanding why they don’t see xxx immediately.


I appreciate your enthusiasm for the project, that’s great. But please don’t use Discourse to post wish-lists. This platform is for managing the project and making effective decisions, and posts such as this create ‘noise’ which doesn’t help in this work, especially when there are existing threads for the same issues, as is the case here.

Please read our wiki article on discussion and support (using this platform), especially the opening section:

We use Discourse to decide the directions for the project to take, in software development, in the structure of the organization running the project, in outreach, and in other matters.

Although Discourse can be useful for discussing features for the app, please don’t use Discourse discussions as features wish-lists. In most cases, the reason that diaspora* doesn’t have the features you want to see is because of a lack of developers to create them, or in some cases because other hurdles need to be overcome in the software before such a feature could be successfully implemented.

Before starting a discussion in Discourse, please check for existing discussions on the same topic. You can use the search facility in the header bar for this.

If you’re new to Diaspora, you might also find our tutorials for new members helpful.

You could add your last point, about a floating formatting bar, as an issue in our GitHub repo, as that’s an issue that’s neither controversial nor complex, and so is unlikely to need discussion here.


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