Moving the GitHub organization ownership into the community

It’s time to think about a governance model for our GitHub organization, being such a crucial part of the Diaspora.

First, simple draft:

  • Not a single person, at least two elected ones.
  • No special rights, the adminstrators should just fullfill the requests of the community, acting like collaborators for everything else.
  • To increase responsiveness prefer the election of people in different time zones, ideally at least one person in CET, PDT, EST and HKT or JST. Due to the lack of people currently, one in central Europe and one in the US should give a good start.
  • If election of a new admin team fails, the old one should keep in place until the election succeeds.

Tasks of administrators would be:

  • Creating needed repositories and teams which have access to them on request.
  • Deleting obsolete repositories on community decision.
  • Keeping repository descriptions up-to-date
  • Keeping organization profile up-to-date
  • Reorganizing teams as needed.
  • Adding collaborators on community decision
  • Removing collaborators on community decision
  • Removing collaborators on their request
  • Adding existing collaborators to any team they want, unless the team has a special policy overriding that

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What I’m unsure about is the election period: yearly, every quarter, every 6 months,…?

The question that’s on my mind: are we active enough as a project to democratically delegate admins of the GitHub org?

I’m all for this, but I wonder if we should first boost the dev community / infrastructure a little more before delegating admin roles?

Hm, I really think we need a repo admin oversears. And be it for situations like currently where a push to master didn’t trigger a Travis run and the build status is outdated.

/me is kinda tired of pinging @seantilleycommunit everytime a proposal in this group closes…

Yeah, that’s a little frustrating. :confused: I’m going to open up a suggestion to the Loomio people that closing proposals have notifications for group Admins. Could really clean up the flow of things.