New and many questions

Hi, I am new and there are so many question. honestly I must admit, that onboarding is not well organized at all. As this is a critical part, maybe it would be a good idea to think on that topic.

I do not have any idea how to display my ID instead of my real name. I also do not see any responses if I post something with a common hashtag like #culture or #ecology. I cannot search for any friends in RL, as they all use nicknames. I do not see if there is any function like “groups” or other ways of organizing interests besides hashtags.

So, all together: I am really not very pleased with the whole thing and I can imagine that others think the same. Honestly: Facebook and the other commercial networks are not OK. but you must admit, that they organize the onboarding much better. It is not that much hard to show all the functions and possibilities in a short tutorial. Isnt it?

Thanks for your understanding.

Hello and thank you for the time you took writing this message. You can read more about how diaspora* works here: Tutorials - The diaspora* Project

Hi Flaburgan,
thanks for the link, but I already saw it, and honestly it was not really helpful. All of my main questions are not explained, or if they are explained, then I do not see where the explanation is located. :wink: So maybe we do it here, but if I were a member of the staff, I would focus on the onboarding to make it as easy as possible.

This said, I would like to know how to find people who speak about an interesting topic. Let’s say the topic is “art”. How do I find those “art-lovers”? By using a hashtag? Or in groups? I posted something like Hi I am #NeuHier (german for #newhere) in “public” and had no answer. I also tried something like "I am new and want to get into contact with people that are interested in #ecology. Please write me. >>> No answer

So either I am alone, on disapora or I do a mistake. I guess I do a mistake. But what do I do wrongly?
Thanks for your help.

Searching for #art is indeed the best way to find this content.
Did you set up your own pod? Where are you registered?

My ID is so I guess, I should be registrated at a pod called “Prisma”.
I just tested the hashtag “#culture” but without any results. (see the upload I added) Where is my mistake?

Okay, I don’t know that pod and it doesn’t share the number of users, but it looks like it is small or doesn’t have much connection with the outside world. Inside diaspora*, it’s the connections between people which make the content shared between pods. So, have a look at content from other pods and start sharing with those people, then in the coming days you will receive much more content.
See #culture or #culture to discover the person, then search for their full diaspora* ID from your pod ( for example) and add them to aspects.

Hi, now we get it going. :wink: That means, that I communicate in the first place with people of my pot? I had in mind that a pot is only a tachnical necaissity, but once I am in any pod, I have access to everybody in diaspora. Off course I would like to talk to “everybody” and not only to the three guys in my pot. :wink: How do I do that?

Once you registered in a pod, you indeed have access to everybody in diaspora*. However, it doesn’t mean your pod knows about other users already. Think about the e-mail, if you create an email address, you will be able to send an e-mail to a user But you need to first know the address of the user you want to reach.
diaspora* is a bit smarter than that, once your pod searched (and found) someone, it keeps a record of that user, so you’re actually to search for them using only the username, and not the full id anymore. Then if you start sharing with that user by adding them in one of your aspects, your pod will receive public posts written by that user, and will display them in your stream. That will also make those public posts available to other users of your pod, that’s why they will be able to find posts with #culture by searching for that tag even if they don’t share with the authors of those posts.
If you’re on a pod big enough, you don’t even realize this is how diaspora* is working, as many users are sharing with many other users. But if you’re on a small pod, yes you will notice it and you need to go in the wild and search for some interesting users manually. But you can add them from your pod and do everything from there after, no problem.

OK, but seaching for others is quite difficult, as most users use nicks instead of real names. That looks like I am now captured in my tiny pod… :frowning:

But thank you anyway. :wink:

As for e-mails or phone numbers, you need to ask your IRL friends to share their diaspora ID with you.
But like for Twitter, there is a lot of interesting content from people you don’t know (yet), just use the trick I told you above to search for interesting user and see your stream becomes live!

Sorry, I do not understand one single word of all of that. To make it clear: I am logged in. I am interested in a popular hashtag such as #culture or #art. I see no results. Nothing nowhere. That is today’s situation.

I do not know who of my RL life friends is a member, anyway: I would like to interact with new people. I do not want to go to Twitter to get contacts in diaspora. So I only see a chance in moving to another pot that is more populated.

Is there any tut how I can move to another pot? Or should I cancel my account and start a new one? That would not be a great thing, as I do not have any contacts yet.


You don’t need to move to another pod … you can also just use other pods to find new people, and then add them as contacts. So as Fla already said, you can search the #culture tag on for example geraspora (, and if you see interesting people, you can put their diaspora ID (<username>@<pod domain>, you can see the diaspora ID when you hover over the author of a post, for example which is currently the first post on #culture on geraspora as linked above) in the search field of your pod, and then add them to you contact.

Of course you can also just create a new account on a bigger pod, but instead of creating an account on a bigger pod you can also just use the tag-search on these pods and then connect with the people you find there.

OK, sounds interesting. But where is a list of pods?

You can use the federation - a statistics hub.

But yeah if you account is empty and you don’t want to manually search for people you can also register on a bigger pod, if you are french.

Fediverse observer (previous is also a good source for finding pods.

You can visit and sort by country or language or users.