NewHere Posts or Local Posts Highlighted

One of the things I want to do as a server owner is to properly welcome all my new members and to keep an eye on posts made on my server to protect other users from potential spam or unproperly marked NSFW material.

I’d like to request that ‘#newhere’ posts that exist on my local server be highlighted so I can better pick them apart. There are far too many newhere posts in federation for me to comment on all of them, so I’d like to prioritize on my own server (which gained over 300 new users this past week!!)

Additionally, any way of identifying which server a post belongs on? Some names are just names, they don’t list which server they’re from unless you manually hover over them. I don’t know, you can be creative with this, I just want to be able to figure out who I need to prioritize and who I should look at later.

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I started to respond on every #newhere post on my pod. I welcome them and point to the welcome post by Diaspora* HQ with hints and tips for new users. I also shared those posts. This way new users get the attention to get them started using.

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I think for me, the biggest issue is just to know which posts are from my own server, and which ones are from other servers. There’s no clear distinction. I think I can automatically setup a ‘welcome’ message when someone joins though and point them to HQ. I set it up, no one new has joined my server since that time, but I’m hoping it works out :slight_smile: