No reshares through ignored accounts

It would be nice if accounts you ignore could not reshare your public posts. It’s not that the posts are spread further than usual, but that you lose control over your posts. What this can lead to I will briefly clarify an example:

this is my original post and this is the reshared version of someone I have on my ignore list for reasons. In the forwarded version you can find things that would be partly criminally relevant in the jurisdiction in which I live.

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Original: Screenshot

Reshare: Screenshot

I’d like to second the request. Couldn’t this be done using the same check for being blocked that is done before commenting is allowed?

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This feature would make me feel a lot more comfortable on Diaspora*! Would it also be possible to disallow users that one has ignored from seeing one’s posts? That could help reduce stalking even though completely preventing it is far more difficult (i.e., someone can make new accounts or even fake new IP addresses).

Well I think public posts are public. There is nothing against it. For example, I can also find public posts or profiles via search engines.

The problem is much more that people who are ignored reshare on these posts and thus instrumentalize them against the one who ignores them. Including criminally relevant slander. Especially in a decentralized system in which many podmins do not care about corresponding messages or it is partly also completely irrelevant to them.

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Exactly this, we discussed this already multiple times, but public posts are public. If you don’t want people to do whatever they want with it, don’t post them public. If you post them public, everybody can see it, copy-paste it, screenshot it, link to it, and obviously also reshare it. You can’t control what other people post, if you don’t want people to re-post something you posted, post it in a way they can’t see it in the first place (not public).

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Thank you, both! That does allow for a solution