Number of users

Hi All,
New here to this platform…can anyone tell me what the number of users is here? Wikipedia says 688k is this factual?
Thank you !

There are no exact numbers since statistics are provided on a voluntary base by the several server admins. Currently I know the number of around 238 servers with around 840,000 registered accounts on Diaspora servers.

Thank you so much Michael I applaud this cause. The world needs this platform now more than ever. I would love to host a pod when you re open the pod pool

As Michael said, submitting user counts is entirely optional and has to be enabled by each podmin, so we don’t know how many users we have! There are a couple of sites attempting to track the numbers, where the “biggest” one is probably, which currently shows 785k users.

There are no limits on who can host a pod and you can do host your own right now, without anyone’s approval! You can find the official installation guides at Don’t worry if the guide is for an older version of the linux distribution of your choice, it should work anyway, and if not, please share any issues with us in #support:podmin-support and we’ll be there to help!

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Gotcha my friend I am on it will be a Linux pod :muscle::+1:t3::raised_hands:

Let the games begin… :wink: