Official presence on social networks

tl;dr: I will try to better manage these social accounts but some help from the community would be nice, and guidelines are needed I think.

I’d like to discuss about diaspora* on social networks, what to publish, where, and who does it.
As far as I know, we currently have:

  • The HQ account on (jason, me, goob, dennis, supertux …?)
  • The Twitter @joindiaspora (me)
  • A facebook account (Only Dennis?)

We use these accounts to:

  • Give news about the project / promote it (this includes release announcements)
  • Answer questions

Long story short: we’re not doing it well. Mainly, we’re not doing it. Sometime I tell to myself “Oh it’s been a long time I should go on the diaspora twitter / HQ, just to see” and there is often messages unanswered, most of the time they are weeks old.

So, I will try to connect to these 3 accounts (I need to create a dummy facebook account to be able to be “admin” of the page, that’s why I didn’t do it before) at least once a week to answer the questions. I would appreciate help here (it doesn’t have to be someone technical, it’s even better if it is not, I would prefer to see technical person spending time on the code). However it has to be persons we trust.

Apart from the support, what do we want to publish? News like “We’re switching to discourse” and “Mention in comments has been merged” can deserve a publication in my opinion.

Last point, Mastodon (a new implementation of OStatus in Rails) is doing a big buzz in France at the moment. We should probably have an official account there too. I can create it if everyone agree.


I do not have access to the facebook page. According to the wiki, Jason and @deadsuperhero do.

I have some issues with this project, but feel free to do whatever you want to do.

If someone from the core team is willing to continue to support/maintain an account on another platform, I’m happy for them to do so. In general, the more, the merrier!

For the record we have an account in which is a “russian facebook”:

I have access to it and manage it to some extent, but it could be done better.