Option to ignore *comments* from people on 'ignore' list

(Trev) #21

This is an old topic, I know, but if Diaspora is about freedom, then why not have the freedom to avoid seeing content that disturbs you whenever and wherever it happens.

Diaspora as a whole, or even Pod admins, shouldn’t have the power censor or hide content, but if it comes down to the freedom of the user, the user should.

That way, at least, in the interest of true freedom, the “offensive” person gets heard at least once. The rest of us should be able to decide whether or not we want to hear them again. The ignore feature is a great start, but it’s incomplete in my humble opinion.

(goob) #22

The simplest solution to this could be a Javascript to hide any comments in the stream from accounts in the user’s ignored list. Show ‘{count} hidden comment(s)’ in place of the comment(s), which can be clicked to reveal the comment if the user chooses to do so.

Anyone want to take that on?