Organized Member Search

I like to go through and look at what new members I have in my site as I like to moderate the content posted here. currently, I haven’t really got a way how to sort members by join date, or members by how many posts they’ve made. It makes it incredibly difficult to actually moderate members and their posts properly so I can keep an eye on spammers. This of course, is requested in the admin section.

The only solution I can think of at the moment is for you to set the autoshare account in diaspora.yml to your (podmin) account. That way you can keep them up to date with pod announcements, and if you reshare important notifications from the diaspora* HQ account they won’t miss out. And that way you’ll get notifications of new accounts on your pod and can check them. It’s not perfect, but it might make it a bit easier for you.

So in order to not have your stream cluttered with every post your pod users make, you should separate your operational account from the pod admin account, which makes your life as a podmin even more hard because you have to log in with different accounts then.

I think that’s an understatement… Any other options to improve this?

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I agree with Rob here. I don’t want a separate account to manage my pod. In fact, it’s quite annoying already that the recommendation for a ‘pages’ like option is to just make another account. i.e. users/moderators/administrators don’t want to and shouldn’t have to re-authenticate for access to certain features that users clearly want and have requested. This I say, noting and with all due respect, to the fact that this project is entirely volunteer and the plate is already quite full. :slight_smile:

I really think that the admin section needs a LOT more functionality to actually administrate in general.

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