Plug Packaging Team to Linux Blogs

There are a couple of good linux-centric sites out there that have a fair amount of following:

  • OMG! Ubuntu
  • WebUpD8
  • The H Online
  • Muktware
  • The VAR Guy

Naturally, their primary demographic is Linux users, enthusiasts, developers, and admins, so would it be beneficial at this time to make a community call for packagers that would be interested in helping us out?

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Sure thing, though I would suggest focusing the community call not just for packaging, but also development. After all, to package you need to understand a little bit about Diaspora* first.

Should we maybe formulate an informal email to these blogs, just explaining what the situation is, how important decentralized social media is and how awesomely much we would love for more people to participate?

Sure thing, I’ll put something up on the devblog to link to while we’re at it.

Can you add me as an admin to the Ubuntu PPA team so I can create a project PPA? It’s kind of named wrongly anyway, it should be named Diaspora* Project, PPA is separate owned by the project … I can sort it if you add me as an admin…

I’ll see what I can do. If not me, then Hans Fase should be the one to ask. :wink:

I’ll send a new request to him then :stuck_out_tongue: