Populating pod info

On https://the-federation.info/protocol/diaspora there is a list of all pods for Diaspora*. The lower listed pods (my guess those are the newest ones) have limited info.
Can anyone explain me how this list gets populated with information? I started my pod just some 3 weeks ago but the current info seems not in sync.

They don’t have statistics enabled in their config, because that’s opt-in.

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Nice one. So I only need to uncomment those statistics entries in diaspora.yaml
Good to know!
Is this also in the wiki?

Well they are not specially documented in the wiki, but the wiki says “Now open config/database.yml and config/diaspora.yml in your favorite text editor and carefully review them, they are extensively commented.”, so the file is documented in itself.

But I just noticed that the documentation in this case is actually a bit outdated, but I created a PR to fix this :slight_smile:

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