Post & Send Files (PDF, Zip, ...)

What about not only post Picturs, Links and Text?

  • Also alow to upload other files directly?
  • as spam-protection the admin should set max sice and type
  • if a tumbnail isnt afival there is a symbol like this with the ending .dat -> DAT, .xyz -> XYZ
    or specicific symbols
  • optional scan uploaded files with ClamAV

I’m not a fan of doing anything like this with post attachments. One thing that may be interesting to add would be mp3 or videos but I know that we are concerned about server burdens on doing something like that directly Maybe for something like that we should be doing a Howto on how to leverage other Fediverse assets like PeerTube for those sorts of workflows.

I feel like this is a necro post, Hank lol, but it was never addressed, so I’ll go at it too :smiley:

I agree with Hank. Podmins often don’t have a lot of storage space to handle files like these. In just three weeks of my server being online I have over 450 members (chances are like 1/6 of them are actually active), but that’s still a lot of people! Imagine if every one of them uploaded a funny 15 second 10MB video? That’s 4GB of space in just one day. Imagination makes me believe that this would absolutely demolish even the best share space.

Instead, I recommend using cloud services like dropbox and/or google drive. If the video is shared publically, perhaps Diaspora would be able to ‘load’ the video into a player and play it remotely rather than actually store the file?

This would have to be coded and managed properly though, because if you have 450 users all watching videos during lunch time, there’s a good chance your server could DDOS itself.