Production to develop and back again?

Are there any plans to release the innovations

in a new version?

If not, is it easy to switch to the develop version and back to production when needed?

There will be a new release “soon” :tm:, but there are some things we want to fix before a release and at the moment we are all a bit busy with other things.

If you are impatient, you can already upgrade to the develop branch (check the changelog for breaking changes). But you can’t switch back (unless you create a backup before and restore it, which will lose data that happened after the backup was created), so an upgrade is a one-way process.

It seems to me that it would be better to wait a little longer :grinning:

We recommend setting up new pods using Ruby 3.1

Anyway, I’ve already tried to update Ruby on my Debian system. Unfortunately, no success so far.

Any help is welcome ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now the correct version is displayed. I have no idea why it works now, though.

In the first one you only used su, which keeps the environment of the original user (root), so rvm wasn’t loaded. What you need to use a login shell, which the guide in the wiki uses sudo -iu diaspora, but your su - diaspora (the - is the important bit) from the second screenshot works too, which is why rvm and the correct ruby version was loaded there.

Thanks for the explanation.
I must have forgotten the “-” the first time :pensive: