Profile Level Lists of Posts

Note: The only reason something like this does not exist on other social networks, is because they have incentive to keep people active on their site in a different way.

A tab for user selected posts
I would like for there to be a tab on users’ main profile pages that would link to a page with list topics. Users could create posts as normally, but with the intention of building lists of ideas and topics that represent them personally. This would allow a richer, more concise, expression of tastes, values, beliefs, and/or recommendations by each user.

Rather than searching through the entirety of a users’ comments - or waiting for a user to get into a particular discussion, you could go to their personally selected posts to get an idea of how they see their online identity. Users get a chance to flesh out a full representation.

For instance, a user might want to create a list to plug their favorite/recommended charity organizations. Clicking on that custom list would bring up a graph of posts.

Such organized information takes up no more server space than normal posts.

Examples of Representative Lists

  • A user’s favorite movies/nonfiction books/other media
  • A user’s favorite philosophers/thinkers
  • Favorite politicians
  • Understated political topics
  • Favorite businesses
  • Favorite open source projects/orgs
  • Favorite standards orgs/foundations
  • ie: Here is a list of links that will get you started on hobby X,Y,Z
  • ie: Here is a list of links that will get you started down my rabbit hole of topic X,Y,Z
  • Anything users want to present personalized blurbs and primers about.

The user gets to represent why he/she personally likes those things - why they grab them - and perfect those explanations over time.

Nested Lists
It would also be very nice to have nested lists, such that proportion can be attributed to topics. Users get to represent topics they value more at the appropriate level.