Proposals and Blueprints in wiki

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Guys and gals,

I added a page to our wiki where people could create sub pages for proposals or blueprints to;

  1. give a more detailed technical view of the proposal than is possible here
  2. do some pre-vote collaborative editing
  3. spend time fine tuning big technical features together

The idea is from Ubuntu Blueprints (

The wiki page is at

What do you think? Didn’t create a proposal about this since this is really very optional - if someone really feels it should have been voted on then I can delete the pages after a rejected vote :wink:

Missing a template (need to go to bed now, maybe tomorrow), but I was thinking something basic like name, short description, content, author(s) and status? Status would be like draft, submitted for vote, voted, implemented, etc. GitHub wiki is kinda limited, with a proper wiki something like this would work nicer. Would be nice to have discussion part for wiki pages.

I like it, but maybe not in the github wiki but in our future wiki, where we can hopefully accomodate more content with a better structure.
Although, I could really see brainstorming taking place on google docs (or similar real-time editing solutions) where people can discuss stuff in irc/voice chat and meanwhile collaboratively write the blueprint, and then put the result in the wiki and let people vote or discuss or whatever.
Im my opinion a wiki can be “too slow” for creating blueprints/braindumps…

Yeah, I’m definitely for some kind of proposal/playground area on our future wiki, although this seems like a good temporary solution for now.

I think it is a very good suggestion and would encourage it on the wiki we have now for any proposal that is specific enough to be actionable. I agree with Florian that a wiki is a little slow when brainstorming and doing lots of changes but I’d hope that before asking for a vote that the concept has stabilized a bit.

Could be also good to track the status of a proposal after it was decided. At least until does a better job at it.

@Jonne proposal outcomes will be coming in 2 weeks FYI :slight_smile:

Yeah for defo this was not meant to be a permanent solution, but a permaanent idea :wink:

I was supposed to draft something yesterday regarding releases and gathering of milestone requirements but then I didn’t really have anywhere where to draft it so I thought this might be a good idea