Protocol description for repeating of posts?

Is there any protocol description that explains, how to repeat a message? I’m a programmer in the friendica project. by now, friendica can interact greatly with Diaspora - but there is no possibility of native repeating of messages.

What do I have to send to the Diaspora servers to tell that User X repeated the item with the guid Y?


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Hi, Michael. Loomio is a platform for community governance. It’s the wrong place for help requests.

Your best bet would be to pop over to the diaspora-dev IRC channel, or posting to the diaspora-dev mailing list. See for details.

@goob hmm this is not really a help request but a developer discussion relating to the federation protocol - I think this is the correct place, imho :slight_smile:

If an answer is found, we should update it in the wiki ->

We call this a reshare. It’s a normal post that references the guid of the original post,

You can fetch the original post by extracting the host of the original post from the root_diaspora_id and then fetching host/posts/guid.xml

@jonnehass Thanks! Must the post be absolutely identical to the original one? Friendica is using BBCode. So every post from Diaspora is converted from Markdown to BBCode - and vice versa.

A reshare doesn’t care about the contents of the referenced post, only the guid counts.