PSA: IRC channels are currently accessible for registered users only

(Dennis Schubert) #1

Due to the wave of spam on Freenode right now, I took the liberty to set #diaspora, #diaspora-dev, and #diaspora-de to be joinable by registered users only. Users who have not registered their nicknames will get redirected to #diaspora-lobby, where a friendly bot will greet them with

Hi, [nickname]! Due to massive amounts of spam on Freenode, only registered users can join our channels right now. Please either register your nick (see for help) or use for support. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Everyone in this channel is technically muted as there is +m set and noone except for the bot has +v. However, members of the core team can OP themselves in the lobby channel, which enables them to see the messages sent by everyone. I don’t think that’s required, but maybe good to know.

I’ll turn forwarding off again once the spam wave has relaxed a bit, but right now, the amount of those bot sis just too large. I am not happy with having them spam our channels with stupid links to smear campaigns.

(Dennis Schubert) #2

Situation seems to have relaxed a lot, I removed the channel modes and everyone is able to join. Let’s see if it stays that way.

(Dennis Schubert) #3

(Dennis Schubert) #4

Aaaaaaand they are back.


(Dennis Schubert) #5

Update: still spamming the heck out of everything.

09:22 -- Mode #diaspora-de [-r] by DenSchub
09:25 --> ZexaronS (~ZexaronS@ has joined #diaspora-de
09:25 <ZexaronS>                     _..._
09:25 <-- ZexaronS (~ZexaronS@ has quit (Killed (Sigyn (Spam is off topic on freenode.)))

(Dennis Schubert) #6

I reverted the modes the day before, and it looks like no new spam has arrived. Sooo… happy IRC’ing, everyone!

(Dennis Schubert) #7

And spam is back.

This is getting somewhat ridiculous, I won’t even bother updating this thread anymore. If you want to join the channels with an unregistered nickname, well, good luck. You will need it.