Puppet/Chef for Diaspora* deployment

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Proposal: Puppet/Chef for Diaspora* deployment

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 1
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 0
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Sorry, what IS the proposal? If you want to work on Chef recipe’s for Diaspora deployments that would be great. I’d open a discussion topic on it though.

We have a discussion for it now, lets just ignore the proposal if it turns out useless :wink:

Will it make sense for pods to run puppet clients and fetch configuration updates from a common puppet master which will be managed by diaspora project.

I think the proposal maker needs to open this up a bit if there is a sense in voting. If there is no sense/need for voting - there shouldn’t be a proposal but just a discussion :wink:

I think Jason is correct, probably having a discussion will be more appropriate and we can create a proposal later. I’ll close this proposal.