Put personal limit on number of posts ( comments) per day

People became addicted to internet, specially addicted to social networks interactions. We all spend too much time in network, too less outside, with real people and families.
To help people to transfer from social networking addition to normal life, put limt on number of interactions they could do during 24 hours.

It is not kind of censorship, it should be managed by person themselv. It may work as follows:

  • in client interface put form, with setting named " posts per day" and “comments per day” and even “likes per day” ( choose what is simple, easy or possible)
  • default it to “no limit”
  • user has to put numbers in this fields, with obvious meaning
  • after the limit is reached, no more posts is possible
  • user may any time it want, change limits, entering settings and changing numbers but providing usrrnamuand password for changing this fields content is mandatory ( or even maybe additional confirmation via email, it something other, like - hard! - captcha) It is important because addition is kind of illness and the healing process may require some instructions.

Limits itself may work as hard limits ( after number of interactions reaches the point, no further interactions other than reading is possible) or soft limits ( after reaching the limit, further post are possible once per 2 hours or no more than 10% or something like that).

Take care!

I think what one wants to do here is limit time spent. Limiting interactions will just drive down those, not time spent consuming the media.

There’s already plenty of time limiting applications for phones and computers that work on a device or per app level, so you have less risk of just jumping to the next thing when exceeding your limit.

Finally I would always prefer positive reinforcement rather than punitive limitation. If you want to spend more time on doing X then schedule and block time for X in your calendar. Additionally gamification like habitica can help a lot.

So if you want to train yourself I would recommend you to look into those things that you can already use today :slight_smile:

I kind of agree with @jhass here. What could add to getting more info on use is getting a report on how much time / amount of posts someone spent during the day. This will create awareness. And calling upon common sense is the way to go limiting excessive use.