Put RSS of Loomio Discussions into Diaspora

Loomio recently announced that they now have RSS feed functionality.

It might be really useful to share upcoming Diaspora-related Loomio discussions on the Diaspora stream. We can use PaperBoD to post discussions to DiasporaHQ or even a dedicated “Diaspora Community Discussions” account.

I feel that this could help increase visibility to our internal discussions, which may not always be obvious or visible to our regular users in our community.

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Cool idea Sean!

I’m a huge fan of PaperboD.

Not sure about pumping the discussions in via DiasporaHQ though, especially due to the amount of off-topic / not-meant-for-Loomio discussions that start there.

Perhaps setup a separate D* account for each Loomio area and publicise these via DiasporaHQ? People could then pick and choose what they want to ‘hear’?

@rich1 Yeah, allowing anybody to start threads and then pumping those threads out through DHQ doesn’t seem like a good idea. At best, you’ll get a lot of noise in the DHQ stream. At worst, it’s an open invitation to trolls and spammers.

Okay, well how about having it post out of a separate-but-related account? Sure, there might occasionally be trolls and spam, but DiasporaHQ could reshare the posts involving larger project-facing discussions.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

I’d prefer the posts to be from a separate account - not Diaspora HQ. Otherwise excellent idea - go for it!

That’s a nice idea to improve visibility of Loomio discussion on diaspora* :slight_smile: