Redis with authentication to disburden shared hosting

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Not sure if this is the only obstacle to run diaspora on shared hosting like uberspace.
But adding authentication should be easy , right?
Here is (in german) the comment of my hoster uberspace

Uhm, set redis_url or REDIS_URL to redis://username:password@host:port/db wit everything except host being optional. Done.

Does Passenger work? The wiki says not I believe.

Weird discussion, okay lets use it for random stuff:

It does (I ran it with both apache and nginx for some time), you just need to start a resque worker besides it.

There is a method to my madness. He started off talking about obstacles to running on shared hosting. Most of them use Passenger. I know with Dreamhost though you cannot have a long-running process like a Resque worker on a shared hosting account.

Would be nice if someone could create a wiki page about some good cloud hosted resque services for making it easier to set up a pod on shared hosting places

… how would you cloud-host resque?
then you could just move to that other host entirely, and give the shared hosters the cold shoulder.

Hmm sorry maybe didn’t think my comment through, was confusing Redis/Resque. But in theory, could it be possible for many D* pods to use a single resque running server?

I mean for job processing

Nope, the jobs need to be able to write to the database.