Relaunch Bug mash monday

(Flaburgan) #1

We definitely need to recruit contributor. I think use the DiasporaHQ account to warn once a week about the most annoying bugs which should be fixed could be a good idea.

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(Jason Robinson) #2

Would be great if only we had someone to handle this. Anyone? :slight_smile: It’ll take some hours a week…

(goob) #3

I’d be happy to post from DiasporaHQ on Mondays, but with my lack of technical knowledge I wouldn’t know where to start gathering info on suitable bugs.

Is there a way of aggregating bug reports in Github without too much work? If someone could do this with say 10-12 bugs each Sunday, I could then post from DiasporaHQ on the Monday with a link to that page.

(Jason Robinson) #4

It’s not really a question of just posting the bugs out but also doing a little summary of them and answering to queries from interested parties, IMHO. Finding bugs is easy by using Github filters - filtering them out into a meaningful list for participants is hard :stuck_out_tongue:

(goob) #5

That’s what I mean, Jason: picking out the bugs suitable for bugmashers, and producing a list with notes , is what I’d be incapable of doing. If or other people could do this (perhaps on a rota basis) on a Sunday, I could then publicise it on the Monday.

(goob) #6

Could anyone suggest a few suitable bugs for this (with links to Github issues)? I’ll then post this tomorrow.

If no one can find any, I’ll post a link to the bugs list on Github at suggest that people get stuck in.

(goob) #7

OK, I’ve picked out seven bugs which look to me to be suitable for a bugmash (I know it’s supposed to be eight, but I can only find seven which look suitable).

I’ve added a draft of a post to my user page in the wiki - hope you can all read it and edit it.

You’ll have to put up with the markdown showing, but you can at least click on the links to look at the bugs and discussions on Github, and decide whether they are all suitable.

I’d be grateful if @seantilleycommunit , @jonne, @florian, @jasonrobinson @flaburgan and anyone else familiar with the code would have a look at these and confirm whether the bugs I’ve chosen are suitable, and if not to suggest some others from the list which would work.

Can we also set up a ‘meet’ on the IRC dev channel so that help is available if anyone who’s working on a bug gets stuck?

Hope this is OK. Couldn’t actually @-mention Jonne or Florian as they haven’t taken part in this discussion. I’ll prod them on Diaspora and hope they see this.

(Jason Robinson) #8

4163 is defo a tricky one which I would not suggest to anyone :slight_smile:
4201, isn’t this an upstream bug? If not then it would be a nice thing to fix

Otherwise those look quite good to me! Certainly for first timers some discussion will be required - but hey bug mash Monday is for getting new contribs interested.

I’d remove 4163 though.

(goob) #9

Thanks. Have removed 4163 and 4201, as Jonne also said those two were tricky.

(Flaburgan) #10

@goob for me, it’s especially important to point that Diaspora will go forward only if people participates. So for the first post, you should insist on that and advertise the project. “Diaspora* will be better only if you help us!”

(Flaburgan) #11

I would also talk about more significant bugs. I mean, for a majority of users, these bugs do not affect their use of Diaspora. More visible bugs could be good for a first participation, for example 4041

(Flaburgan) #12

3629 would be great too, but maybe not a newcomer fix

(goob) #13

Good idea @flaburgan , I’ll do that.

(goob) #14

I think I’ll stay safe this time and just include the (hopefully) simple bugs, but we can discuss bugs to include in future BugMash posts.

Let’s keep this discussion open and suggest bugs each weekend. (it was 8 each week when BugMash Monday was running before)

We should get @johnnehass and @florianstaudacher included in this Outreach group so that they can contribute bugs for the postings - or get this discussion moved to a group that they are a part of.