Remove lost account or get access

Several years ago, I created an account as barbanegra, possibly with the mail
Now the domain is down and I cant get access to the account.
I would like to have that account removed, or be able to have access so I can remove some pictures and stuff.
I assure that it is myself.
How can I get help about this?

Thanks in advance

If your server is down there’s not much we can do about removing content from other servers, since the authority to do so lies within your server. Note however that diaspora only ever caches textual content, so any images you uploaded are gone if your server is gone and no other server will hold on to them.

I had created an account in a server that was not mine. It still is up.

So you forgot the password and the mail provider of the mail address you entered went down, so you can’t use the reset password function? Then what’s the server? Maybe the responsible admin listens here or we can put you into contact.

Thats right!
I dont know the server, could it be

It was the first server that went up (i think)


2017-10-14 11:50 GMT-03:00 Jonne Haß <>:

Well if you don’t even remember that let alone your exact account name, it’ll be hard to prove to the administrator that it’s really your account. @zauberstuhl can you check whether you have a user with that mail address?

What are you exactly worried about, do you have some links to the content you want removed (you can send me them in private if you wish)?

Thanks for your quick answer!
I would like to remove a picture that i am in boxers.

Its emabarrasing.
i uploaded that picture while on drugs and also i have a mental disaese.

Sorry for my bad english.

Unfortunately diaspora* runs on many servers, so without a link to the picture it’s impossible to help you further, sorry. As noted feel free to contact me directly or the core team at and we’ll see what we can do. was the first pod in operation, but it didn’t have open sign-ups for a long time. Two of the earliest pods to accept open sign-ups, and that are still running now, were and Geraspora – could it be either of those?

It could be, i dont know, i cant remember.
i think it was joindiaspora with an invitation,
sorry i cant remember, please help me with this

I’m sure they will do their best to help you.

Last year or the year before deleted accounts which had not bee used for more than three years. If you haven’t accessed your account in a long time, it might be that it (and all your uploaded photos) was deleted then.

Let’s see if @zauberstuhl can find any information.

I can still see the picture. It was not deleted. Could it be possible to
delete it?

Since @zauberstuhl did not reply here, please send him an email to He has to deal with the issue. As mentioned before, we cannot help you with support requests for individual pods. It’s not like we do not want to help, but we simply do not have access to the server.

Edit: well, actually he can’t reply to the mention - he has not yet reactivated his old loomio account.

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As you can see the picture, you must have been able to located the account you want deleted. Could you send a link to that account (or the post containing the picture) via one of the private message methods suggested above? Then someone can work out for sure which pod this concerns, and attempt to contact the admin of that pod.

They did. To the team@ address. And it is a JD picture.

Oh, right. OK, thanks.

Hi there,

I’ve found your account and I’ve passed that on to the podmin of the pod concerned so hopefully he will respond very soon.

For now, do you want to remove the image from this discussion, as you don’t want any trace of it on the internet?

Removed the post with the image for privacy concerns…

@free4GOD I deleted the images from the old AWS bucket and our new storage server. The account has an email ending in “.info”. If you still have access to the account you can reset your password.

// lukas

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Thank you Lukas, thank you all!