Resisting censorship

When there is a take down request to a pod, instead of just deleting the content, we should provide podmins a chance to send a kind of SOS message to all known pods. Other podmins could choose to keep or censor the same posts from their pods. This will allow podmins from free contries to host censored materials without legal threats and save legal troubles for podmins in countries like India and China. When censored pod gets acknowledgements from other pods, it could show links to other pods who chose to accept the post and there should be an option to set url of anti censorship campain in those posts.

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There is something to dig in… I’m not sure in what way, but indeed we could use the decentralized nature of D*, which make it local-laws-dependent, to help existing “loyalists” pods to exist.
By the way, no one can avoid ephemeral pods to appear and shorly disappear, spreading the informations some governments don’t want to. It’s another force of D*. And that too, worth to be digged.

It would help a lot if it were possible for accounts to be easily moved between pods. In case individual users have issues with the jurisdiction that the pod is in, they can choose to move their account and everything in it to another pod. Can’t Salmon be of help here?

BTW I am totally fresh to D*. Just rigged up my own pod yesterday and barely know anything about the data structures and protocols involved.

A warrant canary is a useful technique for this case. this would be at the podmins discretion tho. some might want not to get into trouble with authorities.

Proposal: improve content API

This is a great idea though formalizing metadata for censored content might be bad. Rather if the content API was finalized, this kind of content replication could be served by an external data replication utility that any podmin could use. I propose to table this in favor of API development.

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^ please stop randomly creating proposals. Proposals are for when there’s actualy disagreement about something that needs to be resolved. For disagreement to show, there needs to be prior discussion. No prior discussion existent => no reason to start a proposal.

good to know. where’s the etiquette book?

where’s the etiquette book?

There’s a request to read this wiki page on the front page of this Loomio group.

@y.semin no need to block a proposal twice.

@camil It wasn’t to be count one more time, but only to explain my thought. :slight_smile: I didn’t mean to annoy, sorry.