Resolved: Only seeing followed users from other pods

Hi, all. Disclaimer: I’m new.

Got my Docker-hosted pod up and running.
Had a few newb issues, but managed to sort them out myself…

Put /home/diaspora on a persistent volume so I could:

  • update ruby / gems
  • run the bundle scripts
  • install sendmail

I’ve followed the suggestions in posts here and added people from different pods into aspects.

However, I’m only seeing posts from those people that have shared back. My understanding was that I’d see posts from everyone posting from those pods once my pod ‘knows’ about theirs. Does that presumption need correcting?

My pod isn’t showing up in fediverse observer yet. I’ve had an email to say it might take a few hours. Might that have something to do with it?

Here’s my relay section in diaspora.yml:

  ## Settings related to relays
  relay: ## Section

    ## Relays are applications that exist to push public posts around to
    ## pods which want to subscribe to them but would not otherwise
    ## receive them due to not having direct contact with the remote pods.
    ## See more regarding relays:

    outbound: ## Section
      ## Enable this setting to send out public posts from this pod to a relay
      send: true
      ## Change default remote relay url used for sending out here
      url: ''

    inbound: ## Section
      ## Enable this to receive public posts from relays
      subscribe: true

      ## Scope is either 'all' or 'tags' (default).
      ## - 'all', means this pod wants to receive all public posts from a relay
      ## - 'tags', means this pod wants only posts tagged with certain tags
      scope: 'all'

      ## If scope is 'tags', should we include tags that users on this pod follow?
      ## These are added in addition to 'pod_tags', if set.
      #include_user_tags: false

      ## If scope is 'tags', a comma separated list of tags here can be set.
      ## For example "linux,diaspora", to receive posts related to these tags

Any advice please?


Replying to my own post after more reading…

It seems that running one’s own pod is indeed lonely at first.
It’s my responsibility to trawl through thousands of posts on other, popular pods to find interesting people to follow. Followed tags aren’t shown from other pods unless I’m following someone using those tags.

It would be lovely to be able to filter the public streams from the popular pods by language, but I understand that’s not available yet.

I shall persevere. It’s still better than FB! :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,

First, welcome to Discogs! And thanks for opening a pod.

Yes, unfortunately it is a slow start when you first open a pod. I don’t really understand the technical issues, but following users on different pods and following tags is the way to bring in content. You can create a ‘dummy’ user for this so you don’t have to have all the contacts and tags showing in the stream on your personal account.

If it’s a single-user pod for yourself it will always be limited to the connections (with accounts and tags) that you make, but if other people join your pod then the connections will increase as they make connections, and the effect can start to be exponential.

Hopefully it won’t be long before you start to see a lot of content.

Thanks, goob. I’m starting to realise that a single-user pod might be too much work!

following users on different pods and following tags is the way to bring in content

Unfortunately, only followed tag posts from followed users show up. So posts with followed tags but not from followed people don’t show. The only way to increase content is to follow people. Tags are of very little use in this instance.

Thanks for the reply, though. :slight_smile:

Oh, I thought it was the case that followed tags were federated from pod A to pod B if someone on pod B is connected with someone on pod A – so you should in theory be seeing public posts containing the tag you follow from all users on pod A if you’re sharing with someone on that pod. Perhaps it takes a little while.

You could look at /tags/[tagname] using another pod’s domain (e.g. to compare it with what you’re seeing in your stream. And indeed whether the tag page on your pod for tags that you follow is different from what’s in your personal stream.

To see everything your pod receives, look at /public (or check the logs).

Hopefully someone with more detailed knowledge will stop by to correct what I’ve said if I’ve got anything wrong. Many are podmins so will be able to offer tips to help you.

Hi again, goob.

I shared your expectation expressed in the first paragraph. It doesn’t appear to be the case.
I have an account on another, more popular pod. If i search for #photography there, I see thousands of posts with that tag. On my pod I see only posts with that tag from people I’ve shared with (and they’ve shared back).

I see nothing amiss in the logs. Everything else seems to be working perfectly. My pod now shows up on the fediverse observer sites.

Hopefully someone with more detailed knowledge will stop by

Let’s hope so. I’m hoping it’s a mis-configuration somewhere. There’s not much to mess up, though. :man_shrugging: