Restrain abuses by canceling referencing when a post contains more than *n* tags

Some posts contain an amazing list of tags. As such, they appear in the stream of many users without relevant content. Here is an example, but I am pretty sure you all know what I am talking about.

I propose we convene on a limit which seems reasonable (let’s say 50 for example). When one is posting a message which contain more tags than this limit, a warning should say “You’re using too many tags, their referencing will be canceled” and then the tags could appear as normal text.

I think this is not really a limitation, rather a guide to keep tags from losing their initial purpose: to help find relevant content.

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I can agree with it. But what if person A has removed that barrier from his instance and takes on? Then the recipient should also (in my view) ignore them and issue a warning message that some posts has been ignored due to abusive tags usage.

Yes, this seems good to me. But I must admit I am not really aware of the technical complexity of such a thing…