Rules about design

(Augier) #1

Here are some design rules have thinking about recently. I think it’s important for the project to hve some guidelines about the design to shorten some discussions that are sometimes unnecessarily long about design details. These are very general rules and I wanted to discuss them with the regular developers.

  1. Consistancy. General design rules have to be the same between differente pages and between desktop and mobile. This includes :
  • icons,
  • colors,
  • header aspect,
  • border styling,
  • border radius,
  • shades
  1. Readability matters. General elements of the page have to be visually separated from each other. For instance: stream from sidebars, posts from each other, etc. If a design change can’t reach a consensu but improve readability, readability has priority.

  2. Colors. Interface can’t contain more than two main colors and two different shades except for the gray that can be used in in different shades to structure the page and colors that have a special meaning. For instance : the delete button or the warning flash will be obviously red. The colors can’t be flashy and must not distract for the main content. For instance, the flashy green on the help page in not a good choice. Currently, the interface feature 4 distinct colors : orange, red, blue, green and there are at least 3 different kind of blues.

Plz tell me what you think and if you have other ideas.

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