Rvm issue on ubuntu 16.04

Im trying to install diaspora on ubuntu 16.04.

When im running the command as diaspora user

curl -L https://s.diaspora.software/1t | bash


Also its asking password for diaspora user but i dint set any.

I am not positive but I don’t think you are suppose to login as the diaspora user (it does NOT have a pw… just sudo I think, which is used by only, well, diaspora :)). Either way, don’t login as Root or sudo account, or it will mess up any other diaspora pods in your environment. I think the suggestion (and what I do is) create or use a ‘normal’ user name that you will always use when working with diaspora.

When you follow the guide in the wiki, it shouldn’t ask for a password, because the wiki tells you to disable that: https://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/Installation/Ubuntu/Xenial#Set_up_RVM

It says

Im following the same
Probably, cant sudo as diaspora user.

The guide says: “If you get GPG signature problems, follow the instructions printed by the command. Running the ‘gpg --recv-keys’ command with ‘sudo’ should not be necessary.”, so run the command it tells you to run without sudo, and it doesn’t ask for passwords anymore. We can’t influence what commands rvm shows.

Already tried


Installed & ran but not pulled by browser