Save post as draft to continue editing later

Well, I think there’s no much explanation (the title tells everything).
I mean that when we are writing a long post that could take some minutes or even hours, it would be great an option to save the post as draft, so we can close our session and continue editing later before publishing the post.

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I don’t think it so difficult to implement. A new field called “is_draft” (as boolean) on the table “posts” from the database could be added.

Great idea!

Sounds great! Do a pull request and see what’s happening. I’m sure it will get into the code.

@rasmusfuhse mmm, but I’m not a Ruby on Rails developer, so I can’t do the pull request. I’m just giving the idea.

Well, okay. Noted. But don’t expect it to show up too early. Maybe someone wants to implement this feature, but maybe not. That’s the deal with open-source software. But thanx for the idea anyway.

@rasmusfuhse Ok. Well, I’m a Python/Django developer, I don’t think it’s difficult to learn Rails (I already know native Ruby code). So I’ll try to get this done.

This could be useful. However I see a few potential pitfalls: one is to make it easy to retrieve a draft at a later date; the second would be how to make sure that pod databases don’t get cluttered up with drafts that people started (and possibly saved by mistake) but never got around to completing and posting or deleting. This could be done by periodic reminders about any existing drafts (every 3 days, say), or they could be deleted after a certain period of time. There may be another, better way of doing that.

@eduardo4 it would be awesome to have another developer contributing - together we build this thing!

wonderful idea indeed !

Hi ! Is this someone still working on this amazing subject?

Hi @Sauze_Gs, and welcome to this Discourse forum. No one has stated that they are currently working on this issue. Is this something you’d like to work on? If so, let us know!