Server managment application and local web pages displayer development

Hi all !

I started a project in C++/Qt to make an application to help diaspora* development.

It’s some kind of IDE for managing the server and displaying multiple local pages with multiple accounts.
I commited a first draft here.

Here is a demo of what it looks like :

My goal is to offer simple ways to do repetitive tasks of ther server managment when developing :

  • start, stop and restart the server Works now, thanks to jhass
  • display results in multiple pages Ok, now
  • edit config files in WYSIWYG way
  • commit code (maybe ?)

Note that I don’t want to develop code IDE (up to everyone to choose which one he wants to use…) but an interactive displayer and server managment.

Please let me know if you want to help me, or even if my idea is a shitty idea.

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Is it ready yet? :slight_smile:

I can’t help with the code, but I can sure help test it for you :slight_smile:

Can you add something in there to give redis a kick if messages are enqueued?

Well… Currently, it does… Pretty nothing… :frowning:
It can start the server but server crashes. It’s probably a user environment problem, I need to find out.

The two pages on the picture are result of a server executed in terminal.

I did that this afternoon and I wanted to show it quick to have review and help ASAP as I don’t have much time to code with my school. But I think a working alpha can rapidly be develop in days. The first steps are :

  • start/stop/restart server,
  • display multiple pages with Emacs-like commands,
  • perform bundle commands (possibly automaticly),
  • edit yaml config files,
  • enable remote-control through dbus.

One of the feature I’s like to add long-term is distant-server managing through TCP/IP.

@rich1 : I commited last night. The server is now fully controllable thanks to @jonnehass. I’m trying to get a correct server listener that doesn’t freeze the entire application, et then, I’ll do the UI setup before I drop an alpha executable.

When you get this in a usable state, would be nice to have something in the wiki :slight_smile:

It is now usable, though it is pretty basic. But working with it, I noticed that it does not support the new chat front-end. Nothing is displayed. I don’t know why. I have to find out the problem.

Next thing is to add features :

  • common nav buttons (back, next, reload)
  • display from 1 to 4 web browsers,
  • resizable windows,
  • SSH support.