Sharing D* tips – how best to do it?

There have been some excellent ‘diaspora* tip’ posts shared around the network in recent days. I’d love to make a repository of them so that anyone can find them easily. Yes, we’ve got the tutorials and FAQ on the wiki, and the in-app help section, but I think a tip on one specific thing can be more easy to digest and can help people learn more quickly. We could try to post these regularly – maybe even daily if enough people want to help writing them.

What would be the best medium for posting tips? Some suggestions:

  • Post from the diaspora* HQ account
  • Create a new diaspora* tips account on the HQ pod
  • Add tips to the blog (in a separate category?)
  • Add tips to the wiki

The problem with posting tips within diaspora* itself is that a newly established pod won’t be able to see tips posted before the pod was set up, so if we post them in d* it would be good also to keep them somewhere else.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we might do this.

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I think the wiki would be the best medium of this as it allows many people to participate in compiling the tips and also to improve existing entries. Maybe a weekly summary post from the diaspora* HQ or an account set up for the tips exclusively would be a good way to spread knowledge of the tip “database”.

I agree with @juboxi that a list of ‘best practices’ and ‘how-to-start’ should get a page in the wiki. To be inclusive to new users a welcoming message with a link to that wikipage would be great.
Currently I add the welcoming message from Diaspora*HQ to that message.