Sharing Processing sketches on diaspora*


I’m a brazilian arts masters candidate. As a latin american, I want to believe social networks could work as democratic galleries. I worry a lot on how great photographers, video makers, comic artists, and others spend so much time producing free content for companies who steal their data.
I’m also concerned that those private platforms are channeling the way artworks are produced nowadays. They provide addictive services for art making + sharing. Our ways of communication have been shaped (programmed) by companies whose only purpose is profit.
If there is one thing artists can do really well, it’s imagining possibilities for communication. The problem is: not many artists can code. Most artists who do, though, do Processing for obvious reasons. So I was wondering if an application made with Processing could be integrated with diaspora in any way? At least in a specific server?
If I create a Processing sketch that consists on a particular brush and canvas, for example, and I want others to be able to draw with it and post their creations on their own profile pages. What would be my options for that to happen?

tl:dr: How could I make a sketch in Processing and share it for others to use it on diaspora*?


Well afaik everything you want to do can be converted to html5/php, etc, and rendered in your pod. All your art server/work would be on your machines, and then converted (rendered) to be shown on your pages for your pod members to view. I would suppose they would be able to do the same thing on their end, if they have the same (type) software client and or servers, to change the data (art) and then once again send it, rendered, for consumption to the rest of the pod members.