Shortcut to post

As expected, a lot of users (including me :p) are complaining about the “shift+enter” shortcut. In every other software (including Facebook), shift+enter is newline. We should not put this shortcut to post.

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Proposal: Replace “Shift+enter” by “Ctrl+Enter” to post messages

The shortcut used by Gmail to send emails is Ctrl+enter, we could use that instead of “shift+enter”, which is the default shortcut for newline in a lot of softwares.

Outcome: The shortcut will be changed from Shift+Enter to Ctrl+enter (see


  • Yes: 12
  • Abstain: 4
  • No: 0
  • Block: 0

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If some prefer Shift+Enter, perhaps the option to choose Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter to post messages could be set in the user’s preferences.

A new pull request is open :

Shall we close the vote, as a pull request has already been made?

@goob the vote will close in 7 hours, no need to force it now.

alright, pull request is merged.