Social Media and Developer Releases

This is a discussion about how we handle keeping podmins and developers informed as a project. So far, we’ve done a pretty great job with this, but there is always room for improvement. What can we do better?

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Proposal: Expand our social media strategy to better inform end users, developers, and podmins across multiple services.

I think it’s fundamentally important that we keep our release announcement in sync with our social media. On Diaspora, it has not become uncommon for developers to announce releases themselves. I think it’s actually a wonderful practice, and should remain encouraged on Diaspora itself, but the culture doesn’t quite work as well on non-Diaspora networks.

We owe it to ourselves to ensure that this kind of important information needs to be put out there, and each network is unique in the culture of the users there, and how user engagement is implemented. By driving up engagement with people on other social networks through these pages, we can help contribute to a method of keeping our end users, developers, and podmins informed about the latest updates to the project.

I would like to give login credentials of our various social media pages to a few key community devs, preferably ones that are already involved in our GitHub organization.

Our pages currently include:

Our social media pages can be used as followed:

  • inform end users of relevant news and articles related to decentralization and the current state of the open web.

  • Encourage new developers to get involved with a growing community

  • Encourage new users to leave centralized social services, especially as decentralized social continues to grow and evolve through iteration.

  • Inform podmins of any hotfix releases being made

  • Simplify the explanation of decentralized social for the end user, to make its benefits more understandable.

  • Give support to developers that need help on the #DevHelp tag on D*.

Other networks we could establish a presence on, but don’t necessarily have to:

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I’d post one-liners, linking to the original announcement on Diaspora. After all the main audience for releases are podmins. They are on Diaspora for sure.

I’m not going to vote on this since I don’t understand what I would agree or disagree with. Proposals should be on concrete things IMO and not about ideas and “we should do something better” stuff.

Can’t really announce on Diaspora* before it’s ok to share outside Diaspora* - someone will anyway start posting once word is out on D*.

Personally I don’t really see talking about releases a problem on other social media - as long as there is lots of talk and as many people as possible spam the word everywhere. More the better so let’s not start being too tight :slight_smile:

As for engaging some more core people in using the official social media accounts, sounds great as long as those people know how to talk in a positive way and do not express their personal opinions through those accounts. Also grammar needs to be good and tweets/messages etc should “make sense”.

Ideally of course one person should control and create some guidelines + instructions to the team of official social media guys/gals.

I’m not quite sure what the proposal is here. As others have said, release announcements are of prime interest to podmins, although I do think there is a case for showing the wider world out there that Diaspora is alive and well and growing healthily once again.

Sean, are you saying that you feel you need help with this communication work? If so, do say and perhaps some of us can chip in.

What does “expand” exactly mean for everyone of us?

What I mean by “expand” is to include more of our community members in our project’s social media process. Currently, it’s just me making some posts here and there as we make new code releases, but I’d like to expand what we’re currently doing with the Diaspora social media accounts to cover why decentralization is important, and highlight some of the ideals of being a FOSS project. Naturally, different networks require different types of engagement, but I would like to figure out how we can engage developers, end users, and potential podmins simultaneously.

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