Social Web Working Group (W3C)

Got pointed towards this by Pavlik Elf in the diaspora* Facebook page when shouting out for contributors relating to the webfinger stuff.

Anyone been following stuff here?

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Might be a good idea to get involved, considering that our project could benefit greatly from collaborating with other projects in the space.

I do, however, think the following opinion on the page is ridiculously pretentious:

For me, an expert on the social web MUST be actively publishing social content on their own website. Merely sharecropping on silos or contributing to open source projects merely makes you a hobbyist, not an “expert”

Yup, it could easily be said that actively publishing social content on your own website makes you a narcissist, not an expert. But the group looks interesting, even so.

thanks @jasonrobinson !

@seantilleycommunit on one side I also find this definition of an expert controversial. I don’t know how much you follow Tantek’s work with #IndieWeb, they take selfdogfood quite seriously there: and since Evan (before StatusNet/OStatus) also chairs this group they both meet this expectations. I really look forward how this development with contribute to resolving issues like one described on:

I believe someone running diaspora pod and contributing to code base can join SocialWG. W3C also started SocialIG (Interest Group) which has less conditions on joining:

To stay honest, on of major reasons that I didn’t engage in diaspora development, relates to my impression of developers community not coordinating with other efforts and not engaging in standardization efforts… Anyways, please feel invited but by no means expected to join and keep up your good work!

One very recent example of great collaboration among two Personal Cloud oriented project:

BTW I also invite Enspiral developers (Loomio) to join those W3C groups while working on open-app


TPAC 2014

W3C Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee Meetings Week

27-31 OCTOBER 2014

Social WG will meet on two days and welcomes people who don’t have status of group member to request Observer invitation.

I hope someone from Diaspora core can join! :slight_smile:

We are entering the stage of the W3C Social Working Group where defining federation is being done, so I would highly recommend that Diaspora join the Working Group now!

Could we get a Diaspora developer to apply as an invited expert please?

Fill out the invited expert form, then add yourself to:

Maybe one of the core devs, @jonnehass, @jasonrobinson, @florianstaudacher should join it ?

Please consider taking a look at two specs

  1. ActivityStreams2.0 currently as FPWD
  2. ActivityPump just submitted in last days

BTW ruby has great support for JSON-LD

@augier I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a core dev :wink: even though I am a member of the core team. While I have some understanding of how diaspora* federates, it’s mostly theory and I don’t consider myself in any way an expert in federation or protocol stuff (though I am a professional software developer otherwise). I do run my own pod and otherwise am quite deep in the project.

Anyway, I’m still going to apply, since no one else is doing it. I’ve signed up for a W3C account which is needed to apply - unfortunately the confirmation email seems to have stuck somewhere since it’s not arrived and not in spam. If it doesn’t arrive by tomorrow, I guess I’ll have to try to see if it can be resent or something.

Regarding actual stuff I could contribute - I’d definitely be listening and maybe present some views looking from diaspora* side of things - and most importantly relay stuff to here on Loomio for others to comment on. Otherwise unfortunately time is quite limited.

Thanks to the efforts of @christopherallanwe on IRC :wink:

no one else is doing it.

I think @jonnehass applied iirc

I think @jonnehass applied iirc

I have no idea where you got that impression.

I thought I read it yesterday on IRC, was probably wrong sorry.

I have no idea where you got that impression.

I definitely think you should. W3C has enough strike force to make things change.

W3C SocialWG updated ActivityStreams2 candidate working drafts

New improved candidate working drafts for the ActivityStreams2 spec that aims to provide a common way for social web applications to talk to each other. If you don’t know what this means in practice - it is a huge thing for federated social networks. The real future for federated social web is using a common language, and that is what this work is about.

Really looking forward to this, already very good looking, work mature and API libraries to surface.