Sometimes Friendica avatars are missing in emails

Sometimes avatars are not displayed in notification emails that contain events with or from external accounts, such as Friendica.

Avatars of Diaspora users are displayed correctly.
A non-functioning (wrong?) link to the image is given in the source code of the mail.
However, the (Friendica) avatar is displayed correctly on the Diaspora website.


Working link on Diaspora website

Link in email

The email notifications use a smaller version of the profile picture. However, diaspora* does not resize the thumbnails itself, the URLs fixed within the user’s profile data, and this data is generated and sent by the originating node.

So this is either a setup-issue on, or a bug in Friendica.

Although, having said that,

works, and a = is used in the quoted-printable email format to signify a soft line-break. So maybe your email client has a bug - because that character probably shouldn’t be part of the URL (but that’s hard to say without looking at the raw source of the email)

Tested with another mail client and it works perfect.

So it’s just a client bug - thanks.

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