Stop these annoying forced log offs due to incorrect or missing CSRF token

(Spc Cw) #1

Posted here instead of Github as I think it deserves some discussion.

As we all know Diaspora sometimes logs you off when you try to do something in a tab/window you left alone for a while. This can be super annoying in certain scenarios such as when using hibernation. For example, I sometimes check the feed in the morning and open multiple tabs with interesting posts to get back later. Then in the evening I get back to it and unless I remember to reload everything just in case one wrong click can cause log off.

Now I understand this is not a bug but expected behavior intended as safety feature but it can be major annoyance. Especially since the stream doesn’t remember last position and there is no bookmarking feature. Also non-technical users don’t really understand this and to them it is just another glitch which sometimes causes data loss (e.g. typed comment) and ruins experience.

Perhaps we could work around this behavior by having a small script reloading something in the background every once and then to refresh the session which would be equivalent to user reloading the page - just without full page reload?


(Garry Knight) #2

I agree! It’s especially annoying on mobile devices, where it seems to happen a lot.