Stream and losing one's place in it!

If I have been scrolling down, down, down… in my Stream and then I hit a displayed link for some reason, I thereby leave the current page. When, later, I hit the “Go Back” icon I am taken back to the top of my Stream. In this way I have lost where I was previously in the Stream. (I hope this is making sense… :-)). Consequently, I then have to scroll all the way back down the Stream, to rediscover my previous position. It’s annoying !

My question is, can the software be modified so that “Go Back” really does take one back to where one was in the Stream??

Hi Roy,
There’s an open issue for this in our GitHub issue tracker. I don’t have time to search for it right now, but it’s there.

For now, the best thing to do is to open links from the stream in a new tab. This is done by right-clicking (or middle-clicking with a three-button mouse), or Ctrl-clicking on a laptop. On a touch-screen device, hold your finger on the link until the options pane appears and choose ‘open in new tab’.

I find it best practice to do this on all websites, not just in diaspora*, because you never have to use the ‘back’ button to reload a page. Just close the new tab when you’ve finished with it, and the previous page is there exactly as you left it. You can even hop from one tab to the other if you want to cross-refer.

Thanks for your reply. I shall follow your recommended workaround: the main challenge is to remember to do it but that’s up to me :slightly_smiling_face:.

In my opinion, it’s a good habit to get into for all web browsing. You should soon get used to it if you do it everywhere.

Curiously enough going back works for mobile (touch-optimized) view. I use it in Dandelion all the time. Works in browser as well. But not in the normal (desktop) mode. I am not sure if there are any exceptions or timeouts but it works consistently for me.