Stream taking over 30s to load

Hi everyone,
I’m having performances issues specially with the stream page, it’s taking over 30s to load. I have no problem with my profile, or when i go to check a single post.
I was thinking that maybe by adding something like a squid cache it could improve things, what do you all think ? Any advice would be welcome.


The database query to load the stream is very intense. it is a database issue. Possibly you can improve the database configuration.

Ok my database is a postgres, what kind of improvement to the database are you suggesting ?

I’m not an administrator of a Diaspora system, neither do I have knowledge of Postgres. But I guess that there are tools that can detect bottlenecks. On MySQL for exmaple there is the script Possibly there is something similar for Postgresql.

ok thanks i’ll have a look.

Give the system more RAM. Don’t mess with PG configs unless you a) know what you’re doing and b) have a reason to do so. Give the system more RAM, make sure applications don’t use that memory, and let the kernel build up a disk cache. Postgres heavily uses system-level disk caches for fast access to indexes.