Support VK

Do you wish support VK social network, like Facebook and Twitter right now? Subject:

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Sure why not, I’d be surprised if anyone was against this (even if is now Russian state owned… :P)?

There is a Ruby gem for it too so integrating with d* should be easy, just follow the steps with the other services.

Oh btw @alextalker - you should really open an issue in the issue tracker, since this is really a feature request:

Feel free to implement it if you have coding skills :slight_smile:

@jasonrobinson Sorry, i no have in this month for ruby coding(uni kill that), but i like RoR architecture and i’ll try realise it!

Since there’s an omniauth gem, integration wouldn’t be too hard to set up, would it? That’s pretty much the groundwork for how D* does cross-platform posting anyway.

@seantilleycommunit i’ve try that gem , but how to i understand docs, i need in access token and for get that i need in site or just available IP for get that(for get access to user data). That kill my idea play with API locally :frowning:

@seantilleycommunit also, we need in access token without end date and support offline work.