Tag filtering inconsistency

(Spc Cw) #1

I am not sure if this is a bug, some transmission error or intended behavior so I decided to post it here to discuss how to investigate it better.

There is a post tagged with several tags among which are #internet #lang-ru #lang_ru. If I search them on my pod I will discover the post with all the tags except #lang_ru.

Same with another pod diasp.org: #internet #lang-ru #lang_ru - it is not discoverable with #lang_ru tag but is with others.

But if we take different post with similar set of tags: #lang_ru #lang-ru #HandsOffVenezuela - it is discoverable by all of them. So it doesn’t look like this is global behavior.

Any ideas? #lang_ru is used as main tag to mark entries in Russian language so it would be nice to be sure there is no problem with it.


(Jonne Haß) #2

It’s because the author escaped the _ with a \, we can see that if we look at the JSON representation of the post: https://deko.cloud/posts/75318.json


(Spc Cw) #3

Thanks for great clarification, Jonne!

I guess this has something to do with Hubzilla where the post is coming from. Perhaps it will be a good idea to use tags with underscore character less because of this behavior.