Text of tag appear after image

I can see after each picture in my stream a json tab with parameters of that pictures. It seams to be a dump of it outside a javascript part. Here’s a sample of what i mean: (PICTURE GOES HERE replace the picture that is shown)

PICTURE GOES HERE {.aligncenter
.size-full .wp-image-871381 width=“640” height=“853”}

PICTURE GOES HERE {.aligncenter
.size-full .wp-image-871382 width=“640” height=“1137”}

That’s caused by a broken bot, or something like Friendica or Hubzilla and other fun applications federation malformed stuff into the diaspora* network. Not our issue, and nothing we can do about that, unfortunately.

Ho… ok, sorry for annoying then, i didn’t know.
Have a nice day.

No worries. These kinds of contents are absolutely annoying sometimes, and it’s not obvious to users why that’s failing. :slight_smile:

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