TOS;DR API and Pods

TOS;DR (otherwise known as Terms of Service, Didn’t Read) is an initiative dedicated to simplifying and explaining a site’s Terms of Service to end users.

The project is currently providing an API for other web apps to make use of. With Diaspora pods currently lacking a built-in mechanism for Privacy Policies or Terms of Service, this begs the question: Would this project be a good fit for D*?

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It would be interesting to see some kind of support for podmins to make use of TOS;DR for individual pods. A few benefits I could think of:

  • A simple, standardized way of representing what a pod can or cannot allow before user registration
  • Different Diaspora pods could be listed in the TOS;DR directory
  • Sites like Pod Uptime could also display these different policies in their UI if they wanted to, so that users could easily compare pods side-by-side.

In the long term, it might be possible to implement something in the Podmin UI in which the TOS is updated, and upon being updated, a lightbox appears asking users to accept the updated policies displayed.

As long as we allow via or without the API for a podmin to easily use their own TOS I think this is a great idea :slight_smile: Have to look at the API a bit more. AFAIU it would add some transparency to our TOS’s which is always good.

I had to edit the registration page to add the TOS of my pod. We should provide an easier way to do that.

@flaburgan Agreed. It’d be really great to make this process easier for podmins.