Trouble starting new account on

I tried to start a new account on There was a link to send them a request. Did that several times but never got a response from They appear to be open for new accounts.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I have had two pods disappear on me so I figured I should just go with the most popular one, that it would be least likely to disappear.

There’s no need to write to a pod administrator in order to sign up. If a pod is open for sign-ups, as is, simply click the ‘Create account’ link – it’s at the top right of the screen, and also underneath the ‘log in’ box on mobile. You’ll then be taken through the sign-up process.

When I click on the Create Account it takes me to a page that has nothing but this on it. No way to sign up or create an account other than through the link. That link opens an email message to Sending the email yields no result other than the cc to my email account.

(Sorry about the lack of formatting below. I just cut and pasted the message.)


If you would like an invite, send a email to invite from the email you wish to register with.

Could I be hacked? If you go to and click Create Account do you see something different?

Apologies; I didn’t click the link because ‘Create account’ is the usual link to see on the home page. I do also get the email link.

There’s nothing that anyone here can do, because each pod is completely independent from the core project. You’ll just have to wait until the podmin responds. I was going to ping them here, but it seems they that haven’t registered on this forum.

Just a thought: have you checked the spam folder in both your email client and the webmail interface of your email provider? It’s possible a response has been caught in there.

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