Trying to get my own pod running, getting error 403

Hey, I’m trying to get my own pod up and running, but am having problems. I made it past the 502s and am now getting 403s.

I’m running it on Arch Linux, can su to the diaspora user, go to the user’s home (/usr/share/webapps/diaspora), get a file listing, touch a random file and rm a random file, and do pretty much everything. I’ve got Apache 2.4 with a .conf file I’ll paste if needed, but Apache should be running it with user diaspora in group diaspora. I’ve added the default web user to the diaspora group and expanded some permissions to group level just in case it won’t do what it says it will.

Anyway. I’ve been at this for a week on and off and have written and rewritten the .conf file for Diaspora a couple times. Again, I’ll paste / upload any files you need to make this work. Thanks

There is an installation guide for arch in the wiki. There is also an example config for apache linked in this guide. If you follow the guide and use this config, it should work. If it still doesn’t work, come back with more information about what errors you get where. If you get a 502, it usually means that your diaspora isn’t running. But check the Apache logs for more information.

If you don’t follow the guide and want to do a different setup, we can’t really help you a lot with that. So only diverge from the guide if you know what you’re doing and can debug it yourself.