Universal Dev-Centric Discussion Forum for all FOSS DC SNs

I was wondering if an universal forum/community for all FOSS, decentralised SNs would be of help to the whole community at large.

All projects might learn from each other. Okay, I hear someone saying, 'We can already do that. If the source is libre, we can learn from them already". Yes! You are right. There’s no denying that fact. But, my point is, discussions in natural languages have their own utility. Comments sometimes are more informative than the code.

There can also be a provision for every projects own internal discussion forum within the Superstructure Forum.

So, should we have an universal community of devs (and non devs as well) from different decentralised FOSS SN projects. Think of it like (just for the sake of an overview) Discourse, extended to other decentralised FOSS SNs.

Cc: @denschub @comradesenya @goob

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There’s the W3C Social Web Working Group and Social Web Incubator Community Group (which has continued the work of the former. Does that do what you want?

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Not really. I’m thinking of it as ‘discourse for all FOSS, DC SNs’.